I couldn’t believe it.

Ending Systematic Racism
Ending Systematic Racism
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I try to keep an open-mind. I try to educate myself as much as possible. I also try to put myself in the shoes of other people.

I must admit that I find it difficult sometimes to put myself in the shoes of people who participate in hate against those who are different from them, especially in regards to race, gender, sexual orientation, etc.

Who could really be against ending systematic racism? It blows my mind.

I just can’t bring myself to understand how people can be so hateful. I would like to, though, so that I can help change…

The answers may surprise you.

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Life is too short to be in a relationship where you are unhappy!

When I was younger, I just wanted to be in a relationship to be in a relationship. It didn’t matter if it was toxic.

Honestly, sometimes I feel like the toxic part somehow made it more fun in some kind of sick way. I have to say that back then I was just immature and had very low self-esteem.

Today, “ain’t nobody got time for that.” If the relationship isn’t happy and healthy, I don’t want no parts of it! …

Start seeing changes immediately!

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I am one of those people that think taking care of your mental health is just as important, if not more important than your physical health. The rest of your body isn’t going to function properly if you don’t take care of your mental health as well.

You will find, though, that many of the things that you can do to help your mental health, will also help your physical health. It will sound a lot simpler than it is because it can be hard to change sometimes. And it is even harder to stick to those changes.

However, it…

Empower yourself against unhealthy relationships.

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Human beings are social creatures. It is essential for us to engage in personal relationships.

When a relationship first starts, it can be very exciting. The world seems brighter. You get excited every time your new crush messages you to tell you that they are thinking about you.

Most of the time, relationships start great. But as they go on and the excitement dies out, it is important to pay attention to certain red flags.

By paying attention, we can get out before it gets worse. No one wants to find themselves in an abusive or unhealthy relationship.

It is…

Get free stocks!

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When the pandemic started, I took a chance.

My job went remote, so my income didn’t change. In fact, I was blessed to still have a job and to be saving money on gas.

So, I used some of my stimulus check to invest in stocks. I decided to use Robinhood as my platform for buying and selling stocks. I wanted to give stocks a try and believed I could use Robinhood to make money. I was right.

I decided to think of it more like a part-time job, instead of trying to be greedy and get rich quickly.

This is my realistic approach to how to use…

Tips for staying on task when working from home.

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The COVID-19 pandemic has blurred the lines between home and the office for many people. Remote work is something that is here to stay.

Time management is already a challenge during normal times. However, when working remotely, it can be even more difficult.

Are you finding it more difficult to manage your time working from home?

There are many ways that you can make working from home better by managing your time more effectively. Keep in mind, what works for someone else may not work for you and vice versa.

#1. Make your bed.

This one may sound a little ridiculous. But you’d be…

I made some mistakes when I was younger and learned the hard way.

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Credit is important in the world we live in.

Many times if you want to borrow money, it seems like you have to be able to prove you don’t even really need it. It can seem ridiculous.

But either way, if you can responsibly build your credit, then you can have access to resources you wouldn’t otherwise have in case of an emergency or needing to make a large purchase.

When I was young, I wasn’t responsible at all in building my credit. In fact, I messed it up before I even had any credit honestly. …

Who doesn’t like extra money?

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Who doesn’t like extra money?

I know I do. I love extra money. Extra money makes life easier. Extra money takes away my anxiety.

With passive income streams, though, it is going to take a little bit of work at first. But eventually, they can make you money without much work at all. If you are willing to put the work in right away, then you can reap the rewards later by essentially doing almost nothing at all (except maintaining).

I decided to take all of my personal experiences, as well as my research, and create a HUGE list…

Ravens news weekly update #1 for Ravens Rundown Blog

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I wanted to go ahead and start giving weekly Baltimore Ravens news updates on Medium from my Ravens Rundown blog.

I created the Ravens Rundown blog for Baltimore Ravens fans and NFL fans to be able to get Baltimore Ravens news and analysis from a fan’s perspective. I am a lifelong fan of the Baltimore Ravens and the NFL. I also contribute to Ebony Bird, another Ravens blog.

Ravens Rundown and Ebony Bird are both listed in the Top 15 Baltimore Ravens blogs online today.

As far as this past week goes for Ravens news, these were the topics discussed:

NFL Players Cut — Some possible free agent signings that make sense for the Baltimore Ravens — Ravens Rundown.

Are you in a toxic relationship?

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I had this thought the other day.

They never taught us in school how to be a good boyfriend or girlfriend.

There was no class on “healthy relationships” in high school.

In fact, it took a lot of trial and error for me to get to just one healthy relationship.

So, what exactly does a toxic relationship look like? Well, if your any of these signs fit, you may be in danger of being in a toxic relationship.

#1. Keeping score.

Are you in a relationship where you constantly blame one another for past mistakes. Or just one of you does this? …

Billy Kosko

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